Classical Festivals in Buffalo with our carpet cleaners

To give you a perfect example of a contemporary, well organized, and “up-to-date” drum festival, lets take a look at “Pasic” of United States fame (Indiana).120 concerts, and more, will present at this single drum festival and event. So exciting! In addition to the concerts, you can expect drum classes, work shops, and presentations from all over the world. All over the world is swiftly becoming a reoccurring theme with drum festivals. PASIC Marching Percussion Festival will also be blooming in full color for your enjoyment and participation, with a chance to battle in the “Drum Line”.

Electronic drums hopped in the scene around 1976 and introduced a whole new set of drumming which has become highly evolved. Yamaha and Roland jumped on the band wagon with their introductions of the electronic drums developing “Techno” on Roland’s TR-808 and TB-303. These are drum machines combined with the almighty bass synthesizer which is patterned based, and drumming, never-the-less. When drumming married electronic bass…, rhythm, anticipation, and expectation gave way to techno drum festivals and gatherings featuring the dance as a partner. The two have always walked hand in hand.

Speaking of electronic drums, bass, and festivals, in Southern California we have “Beyond Wonderland”. “Beyond Wonderland” presents as a drum festival along with electronic bass drum festivals in other parts of the U.S. such as the “Sonic Bloom” festival ( held every Spring in Colorado). Check them out. In France we have “Abode in the Snow”, and “Jungle Dam Weekend“ in the Netherlands. Russia has “Pirat Station” and Germany presents “Dreamland” as a bass and electronic drums festival. Drum festivals and drummers coming together all over the world. These are only to name a few.

A lot of our partners and drummers have humble beginnings, starting from everywhere on the planet you can imagine. Some provided services similar to carpet cleaning Buffalo and others did contractor work similar house cleaning.