Multiple files format supported in this Apk Sender Music

The files are transferred with the hotspot facility of the devices. There is also no issue of draining out of the batteries while transferring files. People can select their files and can send them very easily over the hotspot.

The best feature of the APK Sender Music app is, it never android app restricts the user in any file formats. People can send the image files and videos files easily with the app. The other file formats which are supported by the application are PDF, .doc, .ppt, etc. thus sending any official documents can also be done with this APK Sender Music application.

Why All Player Video Player is must

All Player Video Player is must have application for all free version the android users.

The simple reason behind this is its versatility. The application has got many dynamic features as that of any other applications. The video downloading and storing them for is the main feature of the application. All the videos that we get to see in the YouTube can be downloaded to our phone with the help of this application.

Another feature of this application is the file format it allows. It allows the user to save these videos in mp3 format and so we can get to hear our favorite songs. We can use the application for browsing videos from YouTube and also from the other social media sites.

The application is free from any kind of advertisement so we can enjoy the videos uninterrupted. The videos stored with this application can be viewed when there is no internet connection also.